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Automated Pergolas in Farmingville, NY


Welcome to Ageless Masonry! We have been serving the homes of Long Island since 2003 with all of their masonry and chimney needs. Since our foundation, we have worked on over 200 homes, and would love to add your home to the list of satisfied clients!


Whether you need general chimney repair or maintenance, or are looking to have your driveway repacked, we are the team for you! From cleaning chimneys to refacing fireplaces, no job is too big or too small for Ageless Masonry.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please call us today to discuss your residential or commercial masonry needs. We will be happy to provide you a free and fair estimate right away. As the top masonry company on Long Island, we are excited to pave the way for your professional masonry repairs and services!


Embrace Sustainability with Automated Pergolas in Farmingville, NY

Why Choose Automated Pergolas?

Located in the vibrant surroundings of Farmingville, NY, Ageless Masonry is pioneering the transformation of outdoor living spaces with our sophisticated automated pergolas. As a leading industry player, we recognize the vital blend of aesthetic appeal, functional utility, and sustainability in today’s world. Our automated pergolas are more than just an architectural enhancement, they’re an innovative solution to creating an adaptable environment for outdoor enjoyment.

Our automated pergolas are designed to enable control over sunlight and ventilation, providing the flexibility to create your desired ambiance at the touch of a button. Whether it’s creating a shady refuge on a sunny day or letting in the warmth on a cool day, the power lies in your hands.

Moreover, these pergolas are an ally for energy efficiency. By modulating the amount of direct sunlight that reaches your living areas, you can mitigate the need for artificial cooling systems, especially during the hot summers in Suffolk County, reducing your overall energy consumption.

Committed to the cause of sustainability, Ageless Masonry ensures the use of eco-friendly materials in the construction of our pergolas. Our aim is to enrich your outdoor experience while contributing positively to environmental sustainability within Suffolk County. Get in touch with us at 516-795-1313 to learn more about our initiatives.

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automated pergolas long island

Quality and Durability with Ageless Masonry's Automated Pergolas

Quality, durability, and superior design are hallmarks of Ageless Masonry’s products. When it comes to our automated pergolas, we employ only the finest materials, engineered to endure through time and withstand the diverse weather conditions that Suffolk County presents.

From the initial design phase right through to installation, our team of professionals ensures a flawless process. We infuse innovation into every aspect of our work, ensuring that your pergola isn’t just a temporary addition to your property in Farmingville, NY, but an enduring, functional, and sustainable architectural feature.

Our customer service commitment doesn’t cease with the successful installation of your pergola. We believe in forging lasting relationships, offering continued support and maintenance, ensuring that your pergola remains in prime condition for many years. We welcome you to call us at 516-795-1313 for any inquiries, big or small.

Experience Outdoor Living Like Never Before in Farmingville, NY

Choosing an automated pergola from Ageless Masonry isn’t just about acquiring a product, it’s about embracing a transformation. As a renowned provider in Suffolk County, we’re confident in delivering a product that enhances not only the aesthetic value of your home but also contributes significantly to a sustainable lifestyle.

Imagine the pleasure of hosting summer barbecues under the bespoke shelter of your pergola, adjusting the louvres to create just the right amount of sunlight or shade with a simple click. Visualize a tranquil rainy day, enjoying the rhythmic patter of raindrops on the louvres, all the while staying perfectly dry under your pergola. That’s the level of luxury and convenience our pergolas bring to homes in Farmingville, NY.

Embrace the future of outdoor living with Ageless Masonry. Your sustainable, energy-efficient automated pergola awaits. Let’s journey together towards a greener, more efficient lifestyle. Reach out to us today to make the first step.

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Farmingville is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the Suffolk County town of Brookhaven, New York, United States. The population was 15,481 at the 2010 census.

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