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Retaining Walls 101

Retaining Walls 

With many forms of uses, retaining walls can be found in many forms of landscape. Retaining walls can be found in parks, gardens, front lawns, and backyards! Along with the basic function of a retaining wall, they also offer design to the landscape. 


Depending on the landscape of the property, retaining walls can be the best solution to help runoff rain water. If your home is on a downhill foundation, retaining walls can minimize erosion. They can also be created to make more usable space. Seating can be created using retaining walls. Gardens and patios are often placed where retaining walls hold landscape. Even adding steps to another part of the yard can be a great idea for the function of a retaining wall. Strategically placing a retaining wall opens endless possibilities for function. 


Geogrid is a flexible, geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils behind retaining walls.

Installed in horizontal layers, the geogrid extends into the soil behind a wall, stabilizing the

soil. This increases a wall system’s mass and stability. Horizontal layers of Geogrid provide tensile strength to hold the reinforced soil mass together. Geogrid reinforces the soil, allowing taller walls to be constructed.


• Adds strength and longevity to retaining wall

• Assists prevention of wall failure

• Resistant to organic degradation and naturally encountered chemicals and acids.

Using Geogrid 

  1. Start the geogrid near the face of the block and roll out to the back of the reinforced soil mass. Each piece is cut to size specified in design.

  2. Install geogrid under tension. Place the next course of block on top of the geogrid. Backfill and compact the soil.

  3. Repeat the process until the retaining wall is completed. Enjoy all of the advantages of geogrid!


Similar to every masonry and landscape decision, retaining walls require a complete plan. Solutions for drainage, style, material, backfill, and structure need to be finalized before beginning the project. All of these solutions vary based on the homeowner and property. 

Retaining Wall Homeowner FAQ

What are retaining walls made of?

Retaining walls can be made of several types of materials. Some include paving stone blocks, concrete blocks, and wood. Strength and style vary on these types of materials. Depending on the design and needs, Ageless Masonry helps the client find their best solution!


How can I style my retaining wall?

By using different materials, colors, and layouts, Ageless Masonry can customize retaining walls to any style and function!


Can I do it myself or should I hire a professional?

Ageless Masonry always recommends hiring a professional team like ourselves! There are many technical decisions that Ageless Masonry has experience with that can exceed homeowner expectations.


What Our Clients Say

Below are some testimonies from our amazing clients regarding retaining wall and masonry installations. 


We had a few companies in for estimates on a small paving job we were interested in.  Ageless gave a very fair estimate and despite the fact that it was a smaller job, they never made us feel like it was a small job.  They were very professional and did a fantastic job.  Thanks!” – Patrick M. from Long Island, NY


“They did a great job with my front porch! Very professional, left no mess behind. They even did some little extra work I wanted last minute. Overall I am very happy with them and I would use them again!” – Gulsheen C. from Long Island, NY


“We just had our yard transformed by Ageless Masonry. What was mostly unusable space is now our own little oasis. The crew was super professional, very nice, very respectful, cleaned everything up very well, and best of all did beautiful work. Their recommendations for color,design and border work was spot on! We are extremely happy with results and highly recommend their services. Thanks again!” – Steven M. from Long Island, NY


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The experts at Ageless Masonry will explain the process for the service and answer all questions the client has. Ensure your retaining walls are installed correctly and properly functioning with the experts at Ageless Masonry. Discuss the many options to paving stone retaining walls with our talented team. They are skilled professionals that offer various services including retaining wall installations. 


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