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Tips For Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Creating your dream outdoor living space can be difficult, but with some tips from Ageless Masonry the process will be very smooth! Homeowners often have a hard time choosing the perfect stone colors, accessories, and decor. Our skilled design team will have all of the answers for you and lead you to the perfect outdoor living space.

Upgrade and transform your backyard using the following tips! 


Inspiration Boards

To begin the renovation project, having visuals of other projects is very useful! To be able to see paving stone color is use can open up endless possibilities. It is a good idea to narrow down your options by making a list of needs and wants for your backyard. This can include paving stone ideas and add ons that are more decorative. Check out Ageless Masonry’s Pinterest boards with amazing examples of our work and ideas to begin your next project.


Ageless Masonry also offers design services that allow the client to visualize their backyard transformation. Our technicians have programs to show a 3D model of how the backyard will be built and has the ability to add/remove options.

Backyard Paver Options

Backyard amenity options are endless. It is a very tough process to decide what should be included. For families with children or those who love to host, areas of gathering are a great addition. Create an outdoor living room for all to enjoy.


Before beginning your dream outdoor living space planning ask yourself the questions that are listed below. 


What is my budget?

How will I use my space?

How will this impact my yard?

What materials will work best?

How can I keep my backyard consistent? 

What are my needs vs wants?

What type of mood is the backyard establishing?


It is important to take into consideration the age groups that will be entertained in the space. A popular addition is a fire pit with seating around it for all to enjoy. Get cozy next to the fire during those cool summer nights. Or even enjoy making s’mores! Below are other examples for unique backyard transformations. 



Patios bring endless possibilities for gatherings. Outdoor dining areas are perfect for bringing family and friends together in a space. Patios have several layout design options. 



Complete your pool area with a beautiful poolscape design. Above ground pools can be improved with paving stones that extend to a patio. Inground pools can be completed with a patio design. Enhance the centerpiece of your backyard with a beautiful paver patio. 


Retaining Walls

This option allows your backyard to add more gardening areas. Do you have the room now for retaining walls or need extra space? Ageless Masonry can add onto your backyard to grow your soon to be hobby. 


Stone Veneer

Add character to the front or back of your house with the use of stone veneer. There are several types of stones and colors that will add character to your home. Stone veneer is very durable, which adds value to the home.



The best way to keep the entire space consistent is to additionally add a stoop that matches the patio. Enter your dream outdoor living space by using a stoop as an entrance. 




Fire Accessories 

Gather family and friends to enjoy a cozy night by the fire. A seating bench can also be installed for everyone to be together. Keeping the paving color consistent for these accessories is recommended for the backyard.  


1. Fire Pit

There are fire pits available to add sensation to the backyard. Contrast the paving stone patio or keep it consistent with your choice of color

and material.


2. Fireplace

Cambridge offers boutique fireplaces that bring the family together for cozy nights. With different types of stone to use, the fireplace can be

a centerpiece to the outdoor living space.


Water Accessories 

Peaceful water accessories can add a ton of value to an outdoor living space. This is a great way to relax outdoors with minimum maintenance. Installing lighting to this project will enhance the attraction as well.


1. Waterfall

Paving stone kits for waterfalls offer an additional attraction to a backyard. Similar to other accessories, the paving stones will be designed to

match and stay consistent with pre existing paver projects.  


Outdoor kitchen 

There are many options for outdoor kitchens that allow homeowners to customize their space to function best for them. Some customizations include grills, refrigerators, kegs, cabinets, and other appliances. 


Top Outdoor Design Trends

In addition to the functionality of an outdoor space, keeping style in mind helps your space never get old. Don’t worry if you do not have an eye for design, Ageless Masonry will work closely with their design team to ensure your dream outdoor living space is created. 


Warm colors are more inviting and make the space more comfortable. Color contrast gives moments for the eye to rest. This can be useful for decor, paver colors, and appliances. When choosing colors for paving stones, the border or secondary paver contrasts with the field paver color. For example, limestone quarry blend is commonly paired with coal due to the contrasting colors. 


Versatility in Outdoor Design

Versatility in the space includes privacy, amenities, storage space, and outdoor furniture pieces. Versatile outdoor furniture, like nesting tables and chairs, add more space on patios when not in use. Modular seating in couches allows the homeowner to continue to rearrange the layout of the space. There are many more opportunities when furniture can be manipulated in different ways. Adding function and design allow the space to be used in multiple ways. 


Year round use of the space has been taken into consideration for families in Long Island. We have been creating solutions for this by talking to clients about the way they want the space to function. We often install fire pits and fireplaces in backyards regardless of the season. This gives outdoor entertainment year round for all ages. Adding more lighting, specifically market lights, illuminates the space. Set the mood once the sun goes down and add lighting fixtures to enhance the space. Hot tub additions will get your family outside every season to relax and enjoy time together. Another addition for this function can be an outdoor kitchen including a grill. Even something as simple as a covering over the kitchen or patio can allow the space to be used year round. A covered gazebo can aid when the temperatures drop, hot summer days, and when inclement weather occurs. 


Outdoor furniture offers families a space to gather enjoying the weather and hardscape. It is also important to keep in mind how the outdoor elements affect the materials of the furniture. Weatherproof furniture is a decision that can offer the homeowner less worries about new furniture every season. 


Entertainment Ideas For the Family


Top outdoor games are corn hole, can jam, and giant jenga. There are endless amounts of games that can get the entire family involved. Giant sized games have been trending lately in outdoor activities. Outdoor games are also portable to bring to other gatherings or locations. 


Outdoor TV

Get cozy next to an outdoor fire pit or fireplace and create an outdoor movie theater. Setting up a projector with an inflatable screen makes use of the entire space and shows a movie on a large screen for everyone to view. Another option is to install an outdoor TV that can be protected under an awning or gazebo. Are you a huge sports fan and love to watch the games! An outdoor television is a great way to gather friends and celebrate. Catch some sun and enjoy the excitement of a game outdoors on the patio. 


Hammocks and Hanging Swings

Relax in the beautiful weather after a long day on a hammock or hanging swing. This time can benefit health as it gives you a moment to take time for yourself. Read a book, enjoy a nice conversation, or take a nap! These seating areas can be placed perfectly on a paver patio. 



Have young children? Need ways to entertain them? A playset can be the perfect addition for children. This is a structure that keeps children active and entertained outside as family can watch and enjoy too. There are different sizes of playsets, making it very easy to fit in your transformed backyard. 


What Our Clients Say

Below are testimonies from our great clients regarding our masonry work. Backyards all across Long Island have been transformed by Ageless Masonry.


Had Ageless come back to give me an estimate on a new bluestone stoop and a new walkway from pavers. The owner Bob came over and he has a way of making you feel comfortable. The price was almost what I had expected. Within a few weeks they had all their materials and started their work. They were neat and efficient which is what I am looking for when hiring a contractor.  We couldn’t be happier with how the stoop came out and it gave our house the curb appeal that it needed.” – Kevin F. from Bronx, NY 


We just had our yard transformed by Ageless Masonry. What was mostly unusable space is now our own little oasis. The crew was super professional, very nice, very respectful, cleaned everything up very well, and best of all did beautiful work. Their recommendations for color,design and border work was spot on! We are extremely happy with results and highly recommend their services. Thanks again!” – Steven W. from Long Island, NY


Bob and his staff were amazing. They came on time, did all the work mentioned and were so clean you would not even know they were there. All the workers were very good and perfectionists. They explained everything they were doing. They fixed our chimney and front stoop. Their prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend them.” – Doug D. from Seaford, NY


Outdoor Living Space FAQ

What are paving stones?

Paving stones are brick, clay, and concrete blocks that have different textures. There are different opportunities to use paving stones in homes including patios, driveways, stoops, walkways, retaining walls, and more. 


Where can I view paver color choices?

Although homeowners can see paver colors in inspiration photos, we recommend clients go to the nearest mason yard near their home. This ensures the client knows and fully understands the color as photos can distort the true color. Depending on the type of stone chosen, the natural stone can also be cut in a variety of ways, making it even more important that the client sees it in person. 


What are popular paver colors?

Some popular paving stone colors include: limestone quarry blend, sahara chestnut lite, and toffee onyx. Ageless Masonry chooses Cambridge and Nicolock paving stones as their material choice. Many other examples are provided at their websites and social media. 


How can I decide what I want?

Ageless Masonry will help throughout the entire process from the beginning. We have a very skilled team in design and installation with amazing examples of other projects. 


Are paving stones slippery?

They are not! The paving stones that are installed are non-slip. 


How long does installation take?

This all depends on the size of the project! Some smaller jobs can take one day to instal, while other more detailed jobs can take weeks. Our Ageless Masonry team is professional and uses our great skills to finish our projects efficiently and timely. 


Choose Ageless Masonry For all Phases of Masonry Work

Use these tips and start planning your new backyard oasis with Ageless Masonry. Enjoy the beautiful summer days and nights outdoors in a transformed space. Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular every year. Even something as simple as a stone pathway can spruce up your backyard. Regardless of lifestyle, your dream outdoor living space can be created with Ageless Masonry. 

Let’s get your outdoor living space transformed! Ageless Masonry is always ready to work with new clients. With over 15 years of experience, call the experts at Ageless Masonry today 516.795.1313 or click Contact Us Here to schedule your free estimate today!